Introduction to Society Member Points

HAUNTVAULT™ is thrilled to debut HAUNTVAULT™ Society Member Points – a brand new way for our HAUNTVAULT™ Society Members to interact with our sites like never before. This new, evergreen initiative allows our enrolled Society Members. 

Here's how to earn points: 

  1. You must be an existing (or new) HAUNTVAULT™ Society Member – enrolling as a Society Member is completely free
  2. Log into The Campfire and check your Points balance (and history), including Achievement Badges
  3. Explore HAUNTVAULT™, interact, and see your Points balance go up live
  4. You can explore promotions, and incentives at anytime within The Campfire – keep in mind, these change frequently to keep things fresh, so check back often
  5. Be sure to always be logged into your Society Account. Especially when making a HAUNTVAULT™ Shop Order (at checkout)

Missing Points? No sweat, raise a ticket in Support and we'll take a look for you. 

Have fun, play responsibly and stay spooky–

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