COVID-19 Shop Impacts

HAUNTVAULT™, LLC is keeping informed with the ever-changing dynamic of the worldwide pandemic – COVID-19. 

Although we do not expect major delays, or impacts to The HAUNTVAULT™ Shop, there may be minor delays, or item stock shortages due to the pandemic. Any impact to our Shop will be reported on the Support homepage, and updated in real-time. 

Rest assured, all of your items handled by HAUNTVAULT™ are done so with your safety in mind. We securely store all of our stock before shipment, and wear protective Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when shipping all items. We reduce/eliminate contact with your shipped goods, and are taking the extra step to ensure all packages are securely packaged/closed prior to shipment. 

We have seen strain on the United States Postal Service (USPS), in regards to shipment times, as well as very odd shipment 'flukes' regarding tracking numbers. If you notice anything bizarre, please don't hesitate to raise a ticket here on HAUNTVAULT™ Support. 

As always, please stay safe out there. Stay spooky– 

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